Sky discounts

Sky discounts is a small family business that have a mission to try and help lower income families have the same treats as others and also have an ethical mission to save landfill too.

We specialise in short dated products or products that have passed their best before date. 

These products are still perfectly fine to eat and legal to sell and at a fraction of the shop price you’re not only saving money you’re helping the planet too. 

Our range of products stem from :-




Fat free

Plus many more dietary options

Also :-




Snack foods 



Plus non food products

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Our aim or mission is to help people & planet in these challenging times. 

We started this venture at the beginning of covid 2020 to help people that have suffered financially due to the pandemic. 

We also wanted to make a small contribution to looking after our planet by saving good food from being chucked away into landfill.

So with the combined missions we started sky discounts.

We have seen a great growth in followers and hope that we continue to grow.

The more we grow the more we can help.

We are a small friendly business located in worthing west sussex.

We are a short dated & best before retail supplier direct to the consumer.

We are not a wholesaler 


Worthing west sussex

Operational hours

Mon - fri

10.00 - 18.00


11.00 - 15.00


11.00 - 15.00